July 22nd - Trapeze

Starts on: Monday, Jul 22 4:00 PM

Cost: $0.00

Spots Left: 10

Private group Trapeze classes for Velocity! 

Monday, July 22nd 4:00 to 5:30 pm:


Ages 5+ to Adult

They do have a 250lb weight limit per flyer.

Each session will be up to 10 people for 1.5 hrs.




Velocity is off setting the cost by up to $50 a session!  Meaning you could fly for as little as $23 a session!

The price is per flyer and will be between $23-45 each (depending on the total number of participants). 

We know this is a huge range but we will try to keep everyone posted (via facebook and this page) as people sign up and the price drops.

If it says 5 or less remaining, the cost is about $38 each.

If it says 3 or less remaining, the cost is about $28 each.

Only Sign up if you are committed to paying as this is how we will determine the price.


Limited Space

Our space is limited.  We will close registration after we hit capacity.   To be added to our waitlist, please email info@velocitycolorado.com.



Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued for all Trapeze classes as follows: 

If your plans change and you can no longer make it, let us know ASAP. 

We will try our best to fill your spot but a refund is not guarenteed if we have already paid and can not fill your spot.


Inclement Weather

We will send out all weather-related cancellations no less than one hour before scheduled start times via email.

Trapeze may be canceled in the event of inclement weather, trail closure or unsafe temperatures.  

Canceled trips will not be rescheduled.


If any session is cut short because of the weather, it will not be rescheduled. The remaning time will be added onto the next session.

Only those signed up for each session will be able to attend. i.e. If session 1 is cut short by 10 minutes, 10 minutes will be added onto session 2 but only those registered for session 2 will be able to attend.

It is encouraged to sign up for back to back sessions if you are worried about the weather.


King Soopers Fundraising

Don’t forget you can pay for Velocity sports with your King Soopers vouchers.

King Soopers: Link your King Soopers card to Velocity (log into your King Soopers account on kingsoopers.com then click on community rewards then search for Velocity Recreation either by name or DM522 then click Enroll). Every time you use your Alt ID you are earning for yourself and Velocity.

Have no idea what we are talking about? Send us an email and we will give you all the details!




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